Next Steps for Guest Submissions

Thank you so much for contributing your thoughts and perspective to the Soft Side of Cyber. We wanted to make sure you knew what would happen from here.

  1. We will get the content you uploaded and start our editorial process. This will cover grammar, flow, content, alignment, etc.
  2. We will be in touch with you at the email address you provided to discuss any possible edits that we feel might need to be made (that will come from
  3. Once we're both in a good place with the content, we'll get it added to our CMS, get the meta descriptions and titles prepped, and then set a go-live data.
  4. Once we have a go-live date, we'll let you know and schedule social media posts to align with that, this way we can promote you and your contribution.
  5. We encourage you to promote the content and share it with your network, colleagues, teams, etc. as well once it goes live

Thank you again for your support!